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LISEFT-22, PLHS2-22, LAEW2M-22, EHSSM-22 & PAEST-22

ISBN - 978-989-9121-09-6

Adj. Prof. Dr. L. M. Cardoso
Prof. Dr. Haiu Aurelia
Dr. Y. Thaweesak


Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1Studying, Preserving and Transmission Intangible Cultural Heritage and High-Tech Digital Creative Environment
Imina G. Alieva, Irina B. Gorbunova and Svetlana V. Mezentseva
2An Operational Waste Stream Management Strategy For A Materials Recovery Facility In The Province Of Gauteng, South Africa
Jacques Snyman and Chante Stander
3Design and Produce a Dynamic Animated Tool for Simulation of Droplet’s Propagation through Space in Modeled Areas
Júnior Mané, Nelson Marques and Nuno Domingues
4STEM Tools, Education Guidelines and Curricula Training Considering Society and Businesses Demands in the Transition to Post COVID
Nuno Domingues
5Environmental Care from the Perspective of Religions
Firdaus Khairi Abdul Kadir, Fadzli Adam, Noor Aisyah Abdul Aziz and Nazihah Rusli
6The Determinants of Sustainable Livelihood among Urban Poor in Malaysia
Aziz Amin, Sharifah Nurnadia and Asmawi Ibrahim
7Maqasid Shariah as a Tool to Strengthen Resilience to Radical Religious Extremism Movement
Fadzli Adam, Firdaus Khairi, Fakhratu Naimah Muhad and Siti Rokiah AB Rahman
8The Use of Social Media and the Involvement of Pota Detainees in the ISIS Movement in Malaysia
Siti Rokiah Ab Rahman, Fadzli Adam, Fakhratu Naimah Muhad and Siti Khatijah Yasin
9Rape as a Weapon of War: Strategy, Trauma and Fear
Assist. Prof. Dr. Pinar KADIOGLU
10Leveraging Organizational Performance through Employee Commitment and Organizational Citizenship Behaviour: A Conceptual Review
Fariba Nokhah
11Effect of Soil-structure Interaction on the Long-term Response of RC Structures
BEZIH Kamel, OUNIS HADJ Mohamed, LAOUCHE Mohamed and DJANENE Mohamed
12Improving the MPP of a PV system using fuzzy controller
Rania Benyoucef, Meriem Benbrahim and Samir Abdelhamid
13Factors Affecting on the Concentration of Aromatic Alcohol 2-Phenylethanol in Alcoholic Fermentation of Grape Juice
Paata Vashakidze and Marine Bezhuashvili
14Marketing Observations Affecting Development of Personnel Quality Service in Providing to Chinese Tourists in Thailand
Tosaporn Mahamud and Wang Shuyue