International Academy of Advances in Engineering & Sciences

Sept. 21-22, 2016 Paris (France) Back

International Conference on Cellular & Molecular Biology and Medical Sciences (CMBMS-16)
Sept. 21-22, 2016 Paris (France)


Prof. Dr. Rahim Ahmadi
Assoc. Prof. Robert Grygo


ISBN: 978-93-84468-71-2



Sr.No.Paper Title & Author(s)Page No.
1The Effect of Allicin on ZNF703 Gene Expression in GCC Lines
Naji T, Ganjipoor S, Eghbalnia S, Khodabakhsh P, and Daustany M
2The Effects of Valproic Acid on Viability of MCF-7 Cell Line
Naji T, Zakeri Ghaderi, and Erfani M
3APOE Gene Expression in Patients with Alzheimer’s Disease
Naji T, Anari M, and Mobasheri H
4A Comparison Between Gasoline and Diesel Oil Vapor Inhalation On Anxiety in Male Rats
Ahmadi R, Tavakoli O, and Mehdi Araghi A
5The Effect of Hydroalcoholic Extract of Junipers communis on Proliferation BHK Cells
Ahmadi R, Moballeghi Z, and Sahebi Asghar R
6Advances in Gene Therapy
Nadia Ehteshamzad
7The Protective Effect of Aloe Vera (Aloe barbadensis L) Leaf Extract on Red Blood Cell Membrane Stability in Blood Samples Exposed to Sulfasalazine
Ahmadi R, Behnamfar S, and Seyf Sh
8The Effects of Oil Paint Vapor on Thermal Pain Sensitivity in Male Rats
Ahmadi R, Behnamfar S, Siavashi M, and Mehdi Araghi A
9The Effects of Estradiol on Serum Levels of Triglyceride and Cholesterole in Rat
Ahmadi R, and Fazlollahi S
10Frequency and Trend of Common Diseases Requiring Specific Sonography and X-Ray System in Iranian Pilgrims Referring to Clinical Imaging Centers during Hajj 2015
Heydari F, and Karimi AA
11The Effects of Ketone Extract of Viscum album on L929 Cells in Cell Culture
Ahmadi R, and Moghadami M
12The Effect of Inorganic Mercury Intoxication on Heart Myofibrils in Rats
Saberi B, Moulavi P, Noroozi S, and Abdolmaleki S
13The Expression of Chemokine Genes in Neutrophiles Exposed to Leishmania
Naji T, Jusheghani F, and Hematzadeh A
14Analysis of Laboratory Data in Patient with Acne
Naji T, Kazemi M, and Afrasyiabi M